Dr. Nishchal N. Pandey


Email: nina@ntc.net.np

Mr. Mahesh Bhatta

Research Officer,

Email: Mahesh_bhatta01@yahoo.com

Ms. Anishma Acharya

Account Officer,

Email: anishma.acharya01@hotmail.com

Ms. Aashiyana Adhikari

Research Associate,

Email: aashiyana4587@gmail.com

Mr. Suraj Buddhacharya

Website Maintenance, Intellisoft Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Email: suraj.buddhacharya@intellisoftnepal.com

Mr. Sagar Shrestha

Publications/Policy Papers, Fine Design and Printing

Email: finedesign03@gmail.com


CSAS also offers short-term internships to deserving candidates who assist during conferences organized by the CSAS. If interested, detailed CV that includes nationality, passport size photo, academic credentials, and areas of interest can be sent to nina@ntc.net.np

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