Think-Tank Security Forum Venice, Italy
"CATR symposium on 'U.S Pivot to Asia and Asian Responses"
RCSS-GPPAC conference on Armed Conflicts in South Asia: Framework for Preventive Action
CSAS participates in Working Group meetings in Colombo
Regional Conference on 'SAARC: Towards Meaningful Cooperation'
New Book on Armed Conflicts in South Asia-2011 launched
CSAS-KAS hold Regional Conference on Environmental Issues
Towards a More Cooperative South Asia
Conference on Building Bridges and Promoting People to People Interaction in South Asia
Prof. Robert Boggs Speaks at CSAS
President Dr. Yadav Receives CSAS-KAS Book on Nepal's National Interests
CSAS Participates in the Water Security Meeting in Muscat, Oman
Armed Violence Reduction and Prevention in South and Southeast Asia
CSAS-KAS Conference on Maintaining Internal Security
Reintegration, Reconstruction and Reconciliation in Afghanistan
CSAS-KAS host NNIP 5 on 'Challenges to Secularism in Nepal
Director Pandey's Berlin and Brussels Visit (July 3-9, 2011)
Classic Book 'Himalayan Art' by Madanjeet Singh in Display and Distribution
CSAS-KAS hold conference on 'Energy Security, Reviving the Economy and Nepal's National Interests'
CSAS Hosts RNSSC Meeting of Think-tanks from 13 Countries
Centre for South Asian Studies