CSAS-KAS Conference on "Promoting Rule of Law in South Asia"
"COSATT-ISAS Workshop on "Re-Energizing the SAARC Process" held in Singapore"
"Regional Cooperation in Migration Management and Refugee Protection"
"COSATT held a regional conference in cooperation with the KAS and the INSSSL."
"COSATT Kathmandu conference on countering youth radicalization in south asia, Feb. 27-28, 2017"
CSAS-EU-DAI seminar on Making Labour Migration Easy and Safe in South Asia
COSATT Planning Meeting held in Bangkok
COSATT Colombo Conference on 'IDPs and Migration'
Regional Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation
"CSAS-COSATT Regional Conference on Refugees in South Asia"
"CSAS-KAS Seminar on Local Governance in South Asia"
Director Pandey attends seminar on "Trans-Regional Stability: Imperatives of Change"
COSATT Planning Meeting-2016 held in Singapore
Director Pandey speaks at the South Asian Economic Conclave
Bangkok Conference on "Disaster Management: Experience Sharing from South and Southeast Asia"
Regional Conference on "Integrating Global Responses to Climate Change and Energy Security"
Harvard Kennedy School Program on "Terrorism as a Threat to Global Security"
Judge Marc Spitzkatz speaks on 'Separation of Powers'
CSAS-KAS-COSATT Regional Conference on Deeper Integration
Director Pandey Speaks on SAARC in Colombo
CSAS-COSATT Panel Discussion on Expectations from the 18th SAARC Summit